Holiday Weekend Cliffs Notes: How to Hail a Cab From a Bar Stool

After a long weekend with a beefed-up police presence that resulted in large number of alcohol-related arrests in Los Angeles and Orange County, it's clear that driving drunk (or even buzzed for that matter) is a bad idea. When you consider the price tag of a first offense DUI--most offenders pay between $8,000 to $15,000 in fines, court fees, and raised insurance rates--the minimal cost of a cab fare seems well worth it. After a handful of drinks, however, priorities tend to get blurred.

GoFastCab hopes to make ordering a cab in Los Angeles easier by offering customers the ability to contact Yellow Cab company via text messaging. Customers can keep their seat at the bar and text GoFastCab (777222) their complete pick-up address. Within moments, a confirmation text is sent that notifies them that a cab has been ordered.

Users can also text the word "help" for basic service information and "status" for their cab's dispatch status. Find another way home? Cabs can be called off with a simple text of the word "cancel." The GoFastCab service is free. Regular taxi rates apply.

GoFastCab: Text 777222

Drunk Cabbing
Drunk Cabbing
Brooke Burton

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