Hey Mr. Mixologist: The Hilarious New Mixology Video From Fog And Smog

Hey Mr. Mixologist: The Hilarious New Mixology Video From Fog And Smog
screenshot from Mixologist video

Fog and Smog, the video production company that gave you "Whole Foods Parking Lot" and other cool-eyed glimpses of California's cultural posturings, has just released "Mixologist," a send-up of the L.A. bar scene. Filmed in what might be the home office for that scene, La Descarga, the video goofs on all of the things that make the cocktail scene so wonderful and maddening: precision recipes, the obscure incredients, the preposterous names ("Salmon Nipple", "Chewbacca's Jacuzzi"), cocktail genealogies, the mixologist's wardrobe accoutrements, sculpted facial hair and other pretentions, and not least, the looonngg wait for very expensive drinks.

Here's the rap refrain:

Hey Mr. Mixologist! / Did you have to go to college for this? / It seems like you got some knowledge, it's just / A cocktail for twenty dollars plus tip? Shit.

Check it out yourself:

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