Help Downtown's Buzz Beer Wine Shop Become A Real Wine Bar

View towards the tasting area of Buzz Beer Wine Shop
View towards the tasting area of Buzz Beer Wine Shop
B. Rodell

The back of Buzz Beer Wine Shop is all set up to act as a convivial watering hole. Long tables run down the center of the room, a small bar sits off to the side and large windows look out onto downtown's 5th street. But while the space already operates somewhat like a bar, there's one big drawback: Because of Buzz's liquor license, the business is only allowed to offer two ounce pours.

This makes it a great resource for tasting wines and beers you might be interested in purchasing in the shop, but it doesn't make for a place you'd hang out and socialize with friends. Which is why Buzz is petitioning to change their license, allowing them to become a proper wine and beer bar. It would also allow customers to buy a bottle of wine in the store and consume it on premises.

Apart from being great for Buzz, the change could be great for downtown as well. It's a neighborhood rich in cocktail bars, but there aren't nearly as many wine-focused bars to choose from. Add to that Buzz's seriously fun wine selection and its constantly-changing, amazing beer lineup, and the store could turn into a fantastic, low-key spot for wine and beer nerds to drink and socialize.

You can help Buzz in their quest by signing this petition in support of removing the 2 ounce clause from their license.

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