Happy (Belated) Birthday, Twitter: 10 of Our Favorite Food-Related Tweets

Twitter turned six years old this past Wednesday, which means six years of communicating via intermittent bursts of 140-character sound bytes and six years of convincing ourselves that even the most mundane of thoughts are worthy of a megaphone. According to the official Twitter blog, there are now 140 million active users tweeting 340 million tweets a day; these users include, of course, chefs, bloggers and other folks in and out of the restaurant industry who, thankfully, often use their precious 140 to tweet hilarity. Over the last few years, we've made a regular habit of posting some of the food-related tweets that catch our eye. Here are ten of our favorites.

10. Alton Brown explains his attire. As Alton Brown explained to the audience at Google's headquarters late last year, "I like bow ties because you don't get tangled up in them. I'm a man of action. Action man." Just like Doctor Who.

9. Conan O'Brien laments Applebee's untimely alcohol policy. Last year, a handful of Applebee's restaurants inadvertently served alcohol instead of juice to a few toddlers. The joke almost writes itself, but we particularly liked the writing we saw on Conan's Twitter wall.

8. Eddie Lin clarifies. For your reference, haggis is a Scottish delicacy, made with sheep offal and suet. Paul Haggis took on the allegedly awful Church of Scientology and lived to tell about it. Haggis!

7. Sam Sifton pages Thor. There are many food words we do not like. "Foodie" is at the top of that list.

6. Then-Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's breakfast of champions. Way back in October 2009, Governor Schwarzenegger's happy meal caught our attention. And, as it turned out, he needed all the smiley faces he could get: After his breakfast of oatmeal and fruit, he had a few rather serious issues to tackle, including the state's water crisis and a significant prison overcrowding problem.

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