Got an Artful Picture of Last Night's Tasting Menu or Food Truck? Join LA Weekly's Flickr Pool

Judging by the amount of flashes you see going off at restaurants these days, taking pictures of your dinner is about as common as actually eating it. Maybe there are a lot more people arting out their living rooms with framed photographs of Korean barbecue and Kumamoto oysters, pommes frites and latte art. More likely the pictures are turning up on food blogs and Flickr pools and in Twitpics. Why not spread the wealth and join the LAWeekly Flickr pool. If you upload photos here, we can showcase them in our slideshows and on the blogs. Which means if we ever get stuck with photo-less breaking news about onion rings, we can publish your shot with the story. Don't laugh. It happens all the time.

Or you can just upload a pretty shot, like this spill of figs and strawberries and a spoonful of crème fraîche, taken at Anisette last night. Looks good enough to eat.

Fruit at Anisette
Fruit at Anisette
Photo credit: Amy Scattergood


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