Go for the Sugar: Cakespy's Olympic Ring Cookies

If you're getting hungry while watching all the Olympic events and poutine just isn't doing it for you, try making some Olympic ring cookies. These fantastic colored rings come to you via Serious Eats, where every Monday Cakespy (Seattle food blogger Jessie Oleson) guest blogs with a recipe. This one is adapted from a vintage Betty Crocker holiday recipe, a butter cookie tinted with food coloring. It's brilliant really, a fun activity to do with or without kids, and something to keep the stress levels down while you're waiting to see if Lindsey Vonn can make it down the mountain. At least until Butter Tart opens--Andre Guerrero's Glassell Park bakery is still on hold--with its assortment of eponymous Canadian pastries, making your own is probably your best bet.

Olympic ring cookies
Olympic ring cookies
Cakespy (Jessie Oleson)

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