Food News Roundup: Time to Start Drinking Pabst, Robo-Waiters + The World's Largest Falafel Ball

-- Pabst relocates HQ to Los Angeles. Guess we'll have to start drinking the stuff. [Los Angeles Times]

-- The Rise Of The Robo-Waiter. [NPR]

-- Mr. Potato Heart. [Psycho-Gourmet]

-- Happy 65th birthday, Tommy's. [LA Observed]

-- Treme Watch: Alan Richman Gets a Cocktail in His Face. [Eater]

-- World's largest falafel ball is certified. [JTA via Grub Street]

-- 10 Ideas for Foodie Street Fairs That Haven't Been Tried Yet. [Village Voice]

-- How to make Bolt's buttermilk waffles. [Movie Recipes]

-- Ttu Rak, K-Town: All that is wrong with Korean food. [Sinosoul]

-- New Study Compares Prices at Farmers' Markets and Supermarkets. The Results Might Surprise You. [Politics of the Plate]

farmers market fava beans
farmers market fava beans
A. Scattergood

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