Food News Roundup: The Top Chef Musical, Dark Lord Day, an Ode to Pabst Beer + Jamie Hits The Road

-- Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution truck hits the road. [Daily Dish]

-- Top Chef, the Broadway musical? (Maybe Daniel Radcliffe can cook too.) [New York Post]

-- "My first 2,390-word cover feature for freaking Saveur Magazine." [The Glutster]

-- O Pioneer Woman! Or, a profile of Ree Drummond. [The New Yorker]

-- The Future of Food Conference. [Ecocentric]

-- A possible settlement in students' lawsuit against San Francisco's California Culinary Academy. [San Francisco Chronicle]

-- Love of beer reigns at Dark Lord Day. [Chicago Tribune]

-- An ode to Pabst beer. Sort of. Brilliant. [À la Broche]

-- Last Desserts with Los Angeles Pastry Chefs. [Food GPS]

-- James Beard Foundation to live-stream Beard Awards this weekend. [Grub Street]

Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution truck
Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution truck

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