Food News Roundup: The Cheese Police, 1 Billion Anchovies + Paula Deen Riding Things

-- The 15 best meatballs in New York City. [Marcus Samuelsson]

-- Billions of dead fish invade Redondo's King Harbor Marina. [Daily Breeze]

-- Bring Back the Poison Squad (that would be old school food-safety regulators). [Slate]

-- Three Drinks Ahead, with Humphrey Bogart. [Modern Drunkard]

-- A Mardi Gras Tribute to an L.A. Creole Icon. [LA>FWD]

-- Tomato Workers Travel 3,000 Miles to Ask for a One-Penny-a-Pound Raise. [Politics of the Plate]

-- Paula Deen Riding Things. Hilarious, as you might expect. [Paula Deen Riding Things.]

-- The Cheese Police, or cheesemaking in the age of FDA scrutiny. [Culture]

-- The best American craft beers, Belgian style. [New York Daily-News, via Zagat]

-- The rise of the PC dinner. That would be "personal computer," not "politically correct." [The Telegraph]

Paula Deen, in space
Paula Deen, in space
Paula Deen Riding Things

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