Food News Roundup: Texaco-Mex, Bacon Toothpaste + Rich People Discover Fast Food

-- Bacon toothpaste. If you needed more evidence that the bacon trend has peaked. [The Food Section]

-- Taco Bell defends its beef in a new $3 million ad campaign. Imagine if they spent that much on sourcing. [Nation's Restaurant News]

-- Rich Americans discover the joys of fast food. Finally. [CNN]

-- The newest food trend? Sliced bread. No, wait, it's toast. Semantics. [New York Magazine]

-- Food & Wine's Dana Cowin Gives You a Reason to Vote for People's Best New Chef Today. [Feast LA]

-- Introducing Texaco-Mex, or the taqueria as gas station. (Check out Pasadena's Norma's Tacos.) [The Wall Street Journal]

-- 10 Recipes to Celebrate National Pancake Day. (Or here's José Andrés' olive oil pancake recipe.) [Serious Eats]

-- Unhealthy military mess halls are hurting our armed forces. [Slate]

José Andrés' olive oil pancakes
José Andrés' olive oil pancakes
The Bazaar

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