Food News Roundup: Talking with Diana Kennedy, the Mad Men Cookbook + How to Make Bacon Roses

-- Bricia Lopez interviews Diana Kennedy at Loteria Grill. [LA>FWD]

-- Making bacon roses. [My Last Bite]

-- David Lebovitz on the art of food blogging. ("If you are writing for search engines, you are cheating readers.") [David Lebovitz]

-- How to survive eating everything at In-N-Out. [Grub Street]

-- The insane practice of lacing chicken feed with arsenic. [Grist]

-- The unofficial Mad Men cookbook, coming soon. [SlashFood]

-- Tapas Molecular Bar Revisited. Or, more adventures in Tokyo eating. [A Life Worth Eating]

-- How to make preserved lemons. [Sprouted Kitchen]

-- Algerian whole wheat and semolina bread (Khobz bal zraa' wal smid). [64 sq. ft. kitchen]

-- This is your brain. This is your brain on scrambled eggs. [5 Second Rule]

a bouquet of bacon roses
a bouquet of bacon roses
My Last Bite

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