Food News Roundup: Sriracha Chicken, Movie Sandwiches + More Fun Listening to Bourdain Talk

-- Saveur #127, the Los Angeles Edition. (Congrats, Javier! Street food! And yes, James Oseland used to be a proofreader at LA Weekly.) [Saveur]

-- Allergies explained using cookies and candy. [Boing Boing]

-- 5 Questions for Walter Manzke, or the joy of immersion circulators. [Daily Dish]

-- Greatest Movie Sandwiches! [Shut Up, Foodies!]

-- More fun listening to Anthony Bourdain talk about whatever he wants to talk about. [Eater]

-- Suspected food poisoning at Jamie Oliver's chain of Italian restaurants. [Daily Mail]

-- Oven-fried Sriracha Chicken. A recipe. [Broke Ass Gourmet]

-- Women Make Mark at 2011 James Beard Foundation Awards. [The Wall Street Journal]

-- Look no further roast chicken. [64 Sq. Ft. Kitchen]

-- What Proust's Nose Knew, or the joys of right-brain eating. [Zester Daily]

-- Let Them Eat Cake (Why Junk Food Is OK For Kids, In Moderation). [HuffPost Food]

-- A recipe for mushroom and poblano tart in cornmeal crust. Plus very cool pictures. (Hungry yet?) [Sprouted Kitchen]

mushroom and poblano tart
mushroom and poblano tart

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