Food News Roundup: President Obama's Eat Our Peas Moment, Brain Freeze + Sang Yoon's Foie Ice Cream Sandwiches

-- Father's Office starts serving desserts. Not just any desserts, mind you, but foie gras ice cream sandwiches. [Grub Street]

-- What Causes Brain Freeze? Which is a condition also called sphenopalatine ganglioneuralgia. Who knew. [Food Republic, via food52]

-- Marja Vongerichten's "Kimchi Chronicles." [Daily Dish]

-- President Obama's "eat our peas" moment. Object lesson: George I and broccoli. [Los Angeles Times]

-- 5 Foods That Taste Better Canned. [Fork in the Road]

-- Spain's gin game. Or, how to battle scurvy or malaria through gin & tonics. (That's a joke. Sort of.) [Zester Daily]

-- Anthony Bourdain. Charlie Rose. Cuba. [The Feast]

-- Marina del Rey's Antica Pizzeria closes, possibly relocates. [Eater]

pizza at Antica Pizzeria
pizza at Antica Pizzeria
A. Scattergood

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