Food News Roundup: How To Beat Off a Tiger With a Soup Ladle, Eating Dog Food + The Pleasures of Consommé

-- Woman fends off angry tiger with soup ladle. [BBC]

-- What if Michael Pollan is wrong? [Zester Daily]

-- Diabetic's discrimination lawsuit against restaurant is hard to swallow. [Los Angeles Times]

-- Two New York women eat dog food for a month to promote their product. [CBS]

-- The opening date of The Hungry Cat #3 (on the PCH in Santa Monica) now pushed back to April. [Eater LA]

-- The pleasures of consommé at Musso & Frank. [Psycho-Gourmet]

-- Student-run collectives replace junk food franchises on college campuses. [Politics of the Plate]

-- The utter ridiculousness of hip food trends. [Salon]

-- Pete Wells' last Cooking With Dexter column. [The New York Times Magazine]

staff at Musso & Frank's Grill
staff at Musso & Frank's Grill
Anne Fishbein

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