Food News Roundup: Food Bans, Mozza's Pig Fest, Canned Whisky + More Fun With Jamie Oliver

-- New fast food restaurants banned from South L.A. [mother nature network]

-- Jamie Oliver speaks to California food nutritionists. [Los Angeles Times]

-- How to make your own baking powder. [Fuss Free Cooking]

-- Canned whisky! Made in Panama! [Grub Street via Daily Mail UK via Gawker]

-- Mozza's Feast of the Pig. [Ladles and JellySpoons]

-- The Glutster's Top 10 Desserts In L.A of 2010 (Better late than never!). [Teenage Glutster]

-- Riverside bans food trucks. [The Great Taco Hunt]

-- Rate-A-Restaurant #236: Bob's Big Boy Broiler. [Franklin Avenue]

-- A review of Burger King's stuffed steakhouse burger. (You guys get hazard pay?) [Serious Eats]

more pig at Mozza
more pig at Mozza
Ladles and JellySpoons

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