Food News Roundup: Final Pho, Guy Fieri's Pepper Grinder + $250 Worth of Food in L.A.

-- Very cool old kitchen tools. [Alice Medrich]

-- An elegy for Bernard Clayton Jr. [The New York Times]

-- What $250 Will Get You in Los Angeles. (Love this.) [Diana Takes A Bite]

-- The Final Pho championship game, um, dinner. [OC Weekly]

-- Guy Fieri is overcompensating. [Warming Glow, via @FrankBruni]

-- Super Natural Every Day: Published. [101 Cookbooks]

-- The Art Of Grilla Warfare. []

-- Street food in Zurich, Switzerland. [Marcus Samuelsson]

-- 10 Best Brownie Recipes. [Epicurious]

Pho Thanh Lich
Pho Thanh Lich
OC Weekly

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