Food News Roundup: Cops, Pints, Paula Deen + Jell-O

-- Too Many Sommeliers, Not Enough Training. [ZesterDaily]

-- Colorado prison inmates raise fish for food. [The Denver Post]

-- Greek restaurant Xandros has a crisis of faith, identity, ownership, something. Cops, etc. [Eater LA]

-- Could the days of the British "pint" be numbered? [Reuters]

-- Paul McCartney Urges India To Declare Vegetarian Day. [The Huffington Post]

-- Jersey Grub truck launches. Your Snooki joke here ______. [Grub Street]

-- How to make pistachio cake. With Jell-O. [The Pioneer Woman]

-- Paula Deen does the Rose Parade. With photo gallery. [Daily Dish]

pint of beer
pint of beer
Flickr/Tim Dobson

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