Food News Roundup: Colbert's Ice Cream War, A McRib Confession + Jacques Pépin's Fridge

pumpkins at the Santa Monica farmers market
pumpkins at the Santa Monica farmers market
A. Scattergood

Los Angeles Times: According to new USDA report, local food sales could $7 billion this year and farmers markets doubled from 1998 to 2009.

PBS Food: How to make pumpkin bread pudding.

Tomostyle: More fun with secret supper clubs at Rogue Upstairs in Silver Lake.

Serious Eats: A writer's McRib confession.

The Huffington Post: Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Fallon have a Ben & Jerry's ice cream war.

Daily Dish: Food historian Charles Perry considers the roots of pepper.

Maria's Farm Country Kitchen: Why the Farm Bill Matters.

Bon Appétit: 5 Unexpected Things You'll Find in Chef Jacques Pépin's Fridge.

Food Republic: An Illustrated Guide to Spanish Tapas.

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