Food News Roundup: Breakfast With Stalin, Safe Sushi + Eating Locally (With 100 Miles of Rope)

-- L.A. Winemaker Finds Identity In Graffiti Art. [Neon Tommy]

-- Ways you can do more to eat locally. (Our favorite: "Tie one end of a 100-mile rope to your house and the other end to your waist to ensure that you only eat within that radius.") [The Onion]

-- 9 Foods to Help You Sleep. [The Daily Meal]

-- Clay-oven whole duck in Koreatown. [Tasting Table]

-- Faberge eggs, marble sausage go on display in Moscow. (Okay, we've all heard of Faberge eggs, but marble sausage? "Made in the 1930s-40s, evoking the hungry years of the Soviet era." Of course. Breakfast With Stalin.) [Reuters]

-- 'Is sushi safe?' In wake of Japan crisis, L.A. area restaurants field diners' questions. [Daily Dish]

-- Apps Against Obesity. [The Food Section]

-- What elevates the gourmand above your everyday glutton? [The Paris Review, via The New York Times]

-- 5 places to find albondigas in Los Angeles. [Feast]

-- Sushi memo pads. (Ordering them right now for sushi-obsessed teenager with Latin vocab homework.) [Scope via @clotildenet]

sushi memo pads
sushi memo pads

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