Food News Roundup: Bourdain on Beard, Questions for Roy Choi + The Online World of Cannibals

-- Anthony Bourdain on the James Beard awards ("I would sooner attend a Renaissance Fair in Hell"). [No Reservations, via The New York Times.]

-- The Great Mayonnaise Debate. [Food Republic]

-- Two words: Absinthe Cake. [Food Gal]

-- A cup of coffee & illegal immigration. [Los Angeles Times]

-- How Javier Cabral grew up, changed his name and started blogging for Gustavo Arellano. [The Glutster]

-- 'Closed on Mondays' Dinner Series Supports Food Charities in Atwater Village. [Feast LA]

-- The online world of cannibals. [The Awl]

-- 5 questions for Roy Choi. [Daily Dish]

-- Artisan Cheesemakers Dodge Bullet as FDA Says it Does not Plan to Change Aging Regulations on Raw Milk Cheese. [Politics of the Plate]

homemade mayonnaise
homemade mayonnaise
Food Republic/fotoosvanrobin on Flickr

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