Flavour Gallery T-Shirts: "I Don't SCREAM I Express Myself" Chef-Inspired Fashion

What Happens When Chefs Design T-Shirts
What Happens When Chefs Design T-Shirts

If it's already one of those "Say YES CHEF and that's it" or "I don't SCREAM I express myself" sort of weeks, you're in luck. Flavour Gallery, the L.A. based T-shirt designer with an eye for dining-inspired designs, has expanded recently beyond its typical "swirl and sip" logos. The company began collaborating with a handful of chefs to design some pretty fantastic T-shirts.

We like to think of them as that rare multipurpose T-shirt for those "tricky" attire moments in life: The obligatory summer barbecue at your boss' house, the first time you meet your future in-laws. Yeah, Rick Tramonto's "Every chef needs a good acid trip" T-shirt (above) is pretty perfect for both.

That "Say YES CHEF and that's it" T-shirt? Three guesses which L.A. chef inspired that one (answer after the jump).

Ludo Lefebvre's T-shirts
Ludo Lefebvre's T-shirts

Was it that obvious? Ludo Lefebvre is behind both the "Say YES CHEF and that's it" and "I don't SCREAM I express myself" T-shirts. Coming soon, a Flavour Gallery representative tells us, are T-shirt collaborations with Timon Balloo and several other chefs.

Our T-shirt wish list? A swearing soliloquy from Gordon Ramsay, a few diet suggestions from Anthony Bourdain.

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