Feed Your Habit: 10 Places to get your Ceviche Fix

Like many great dishes, the operating principles of ceviche are simple: take seafood, marinate it in citrus, occasionally throw in some spice. If that doesn't sound good to you, you're probably an idiot. Living in Los Angeles and not liking ceviche is a lot like living in Germany and not liking hardcore pornography.

Ceviche del dia from Mo-Chica
Ceviche del dia from Mo-Chica
Noah Galuten

Nearly every Spanish speaking country that touches ocean seems to have their own version of ceviche. In Peru, they love it so much that not only is it their national dish, but late last year they even shattered the Guiness Book of World Records for biggest ceviche ever made.

Chilean ceviche from Rincon Chileno
Chilean ceviche from Rincon Chileno
Noah Galuten

So unless you're allergic to fish, like having scurvy, or hate bright flavors, it's time to get off your ass and visit the ten places listed below.

From Peru

1. Mo-Chica

The consensus king of Los Angeles ceviche. A mere five bucks gets you their ever-changing ceviche of the day—a masterfully plated textural bonanza, with fish so tender it could be mistaken for room temperature butter. 3655 S. Grand Avenue., Los Angeles, CA 90007, (213) 747-2141, mo-chica.com.

2. Los Balcones Del Peru

While Mo-Chica is new to the game, Los Balcones has been here for years. Staying true to the Peruvian style, you get thick chunks of fish, long slivers of red onions, big Peruvian corn and hunks of starchy potatoes to soak up some of that acid. It's also the best possible place to grab dinner before your movie at the Arclight, just across the street. 1360 Vine St., Los Angeles, CA 90028-8140, (323) 871-9600.

3. Puro Sabor

They've got a pleasant atmosphere, friendly servers, and most importantly, a really stunning ceviche. The fish is velvety, accented nicely by the crunchy, roasted corn kernels, and the rest of their menu is pretty damn good too. 6366 Van Nuys Blvd., Van Nuys, CA 91401-2601, (818) 908-0818.

From Mexico

4. La Isla Bonita

For what may be the best deal in town, head to this sea-shell decorated mariscos truck in Santa Monica. If you're on the westside, posess three dollars and want to feel better about the world, stop by and order a ceviche tostada. Corner of 4th St & Rose Ave

Venice, CA 90293.

5. Tacos Baja Ensenada

They may be known for their delightful fried fish and shrimp tacos, but you'd be doing yourself a disservice if you didn't save a little room for their ceviche cocktails (don't forget to sip the juice afterward). 5385 Whittier Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90022-4033, (323) 887-1980.

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