Farmers Market Fairy Brings Market Food to You (Pixie Dust Invisible)

Farmers Market Fairy Brings Market Food to You (Pixie Dust Invisible)
Farmers Market Fairy

Does it sound like a dream you've had for a while? As in, "I really wish someone would go to the market for me this week." Well, that's why Linda Mark calls herself the Farmers Market Fairy. Her chariot rides on a wave of fairy dust as she flits from one daily market to another, all in service of sprinkling the fairy dust of local fruit and veggies all over your kitchen. Yes, there is a fee, but it's pretty nominal. Because who wouldn't want to support a fairy?

It took me a while to take the plunge, but I'm at KCRW working on Good Food every Wednesday. Frustration about missing the Santa Monica Farmers Market built up and I finally gave in. It's easy. Mark has a seasonal list of available produce as well as specialty items that show up at particular markets. Like kettle corn and organic chickens from the Sunday Hollywood Market. Or lovely organic eggs and only-seen-at-the-Wednesday-Santa-Monica-market fruit, greens or locally ranched meats. And you've never really had a dream answered until you arrive home after a particularly stressful day and find everything you ordered right there waiting for you to relax and cook a great meal.

Follow Evan on Twitter @evankleiman and read her KCRW blog Good Food.

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