Emily Green on Blackberries: Knott's Berry Farm, Growing Your Own + Bears on YouTube

Blackberries pinned to trellisingEXPAND
Blackberries pinned to trellising
Emily Green

If you're the sort of person who visits farmers markets looking for exotic citrus or perfect stone fruit or native berries -- or if you just like to watch footage of bears in bushes on YouTube -- then you have something to read this morning. Emily Green (dry gardener, water expert, former London restaurant critic) has written today's feature food story about Rubus ursinus, which is not a misplaced Harry Potter character but a native blackberry.

Then there are pies, which during marionberry season in Oregon are served with a white line of powdered sugar on top, says Pitelka, a joke about the former Washington, D.C., Mayor Marion Barry, who was caught with cocaine.

Read the full story here.

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