Eating On the Run: A Photographic Tribute to LA's Fast Food, Closes Tomorrow

This Saturday, September 5, will be the last day to catch Gerald M. Panter's Eating On the Run: Los Angeles' Fast Food Stands exhibit in the Viewing Room at the Stephen Cohen Gallery on Beverly Blvd. Taken over a period of eight years, the series of photographs document the changing faces of Los Angeles through architectural portraits of her small, independent fast food stands.

In the photos, Panter shows building renovations by new ownership, reflecting shifts in cultural demographics and health codes, the struggle to adapt to changing property values, and changing tastes. Both a lament for the impermanence of some of these historical landmarks and a celebration of tenacity of others, the photographer says, "While the clock inexorably runs out these colorful local neighborhood purveyors of fast food continue to fill the orders of hungry Angelinos eating on the run."

El Ranchito
El Ranchito
Photo credit: Gerald Panter

Stephen Cohen Gallery: 7358 Beverly Blvd. Los Angeles; (323) 937-5525.

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