Eat This Now: Eggslut's Coddled Egg in a Jar

Thee Slut

M. RochlinThee Slut

We might have started off our morning exercise with a brisk walk up Crescent Heights but when our looping route took us up to Santa Monica Blvd and then back down Fairfax Avenue and we passed the Eggslut truck, thoughts suddenly turned to breakfast. Their signature dish, Thee Slut, is a comprised of a lovely coddled egg, potato puree that seems to contain as much butter as it does potato, a sprinkling of chives, and grains of coarse gray salt that you spoon from a glass jar meant for baby food.

You'd think it was a riff on Joël Robuchon's egg steamed in a martini glass topped with a Chanterelle mushrooms and cream foam, only when we asked Chef Alvin he cited his inspiration as a technique he learned in culinary school for cooking an egg in a coffee cup. The dish takes about ten minutes to prepare, but because Eggslut is parked daily in front of Coffee Commissary we sat in the sun with a couple of macchiatos and waited patiently. When our Thee Slut arrived it turned out to be so rich and delicious, that it fed three of us. Next time we go for a walking workout in West Hollywood, we will aim in the opposite direction.

Bird's Eye of Thee Slut

M. RochlinBird's Eye of Thee Slut