Drink This Now: Silver King Fizz at Sunny Spot + Why Fizzes Are Superior Hangover Drinks

The Silver King Fizz at Sunny Spot
The Silver King Fizz at Sunny Spot
B. Rodell

The Bloody Mary is a perfectly respectable drink. It goes well with egg dishes. It's spicy and salty and sometimes comes with fun/stupid garnishes. Mimosas are pretty great too -- bubbly, fruity, what's not to love? But, listen. It's time to up your brunch/hangover cocktail game. It's time to turn to fizzes.

Fizzes are superior as a hangover cure because they provide protein in the form of egg whites. Those egg whites also become a delicious frothy topping to your drink -- bonus! They're light and fruity, just like a mimosa, but more complex and honestly easier on the stomach.

There are a ton of great fizzes around town, but one that is especially delicious and is being used in its proper place (i.e. on a brunch menu) is the Silver King Fizz at Sunny Spot in Venice. The drink is made with gin, Galliano, lemon and egg white. Its bright lemon base gets a herbal sweet kick from the Galliano, and it's topped with a few dashes of orange bitters -- all the better to settle your stomach. Even if you're not hungover, this drink is a fabulous way to start your day, but watch out: They go down easy. You don't want to end up with an afternoon hangover. Do you?

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