Drink And Tweet: Twitter Taste Live, or Why You're Not Drinking Alone if You're on Twitter

What happens when you cross a wine geek with a tech geek, then turn them loose on Twitter? You get wine tasting across time zones and even continents, lots of passionate oenophiles, and happy winemakers. It's called Twitter Taste Live and it's a place where the online community can purchase, taste and discuss wines (and sometimes beer) from their own homes.

Twitter Taste Live (#TTL) is the less-than-a-year-old brainchild of Craig Drollett and Chris Gillis, (self-identified wine geek and tech geek, respectively).  Their first event was a collaboration with Barcelona-based wine blog CataVino, and Charlotte, N.C. Wine importer, European Cellars--owner and wine expert Eric Solomon was the featured guest, and a half dozen Spanish wines were tasted--and tweeted.

The event affirmatively answered the question of whether or not it was possible to get strangers in different time zones to taste the same wines at the same time and have a conversation about it.

Tweeted advice from Michael Scholz, St. Supery Winemaker.
Tweeted advice from Michael Scholz, St. Supery Winemaker.
Image Credit: Craig Drollett/Twitter Taste Live

You're not alone if you can't quite imagine what it's like to have a wine tasting with your computer. Drollett suggests that for users to have the best experience, they shouldn't sit alone in the basement in front of a laptop, but instead, make it actually social. Buy the wines, make a few things to pair with them, invite a few friends, (the St. Supery site has recipes created to be paired with various wines if you're looking for ideas) and use the tweets as a jumping-off point for your own conversations.  Tasting via Twitter may not replace the more traditional wine tasting, but it is a fun twist.

The next Twitter Taste LIve event, on August 6, 2009, features Robert Oatley Vineyard wines.


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