Drago Centro Wine Giveaway: Will Tweet For Wine

Do these bottles look good to you? Guess some wines via Twitter, and you can drink one for free at Drago Centro, Celestino Drago's swank downtown restaurant. All this week, Drago Centro sommelier Michael Shearin (Bouchon, Craftsteak, Restaurant Guy Savoy) is hosting a blind tasting on Twitter: once a day, Shearin will tweet descriptors of seleted bottles, you tweet your guesses, and the winner wins a bottle from the restaurant's pretty impressive wine collection. You have to drink the bottle (which might go for $20, maybe $500) at Drago Centro. Poor you. Whatever wine you get will probably go pretty well with one of those fantastic plates of pasta. Pappardelle with pheasant and morels, say, or rigatoni all'amatriciana.

To play, follow Shearin on Twitter @DragoCentro. The winner will be announced this Friday, also on Twitter. This game is ongoing, so if you have fun, there will be more tweets, more free wine, more (one hopes) spaghetti alla chitarra.

wines at Drago Centro
wines at Drago Centro
Drago Centro


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