Dom Pérignon Releases Andy Warhol-Inspired Champagne

Limited Edition Andy Warhol-Inspired Champagne
Limited Edition Andy Warhol-Inspired Champagne
Dom Perignon

Pop artist Andy Warhol, perhaps best known for his vivid immortalization of pop culture icons like Marilyn Monroe and Campbell Soup cans, is on the receiving end of his own colorful tribute. Starting Friday, October 15, French champagne house Dom Pérignon will be selling a limited edition of its 2002 vintage featuring a Warhol-esque blue, yellow or red label and packed in a similarly-designed box.

Dom Pérignon, which specially commissioned the Design Laboratory at Central Saint Martin's School of Art & Design to create the limited edition line, has priced the 750ML bottles at $150/each. Yes, we admit that's a lot of money to spend on champagne; but for the love of all things bubbly we simply can't ignore the fact that a) the three bottle collection is pretty darn stunning and b) it's Dom Pérignon. Interested? Wally's Wines will be selling the collection for a bargain: $149.99.

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