Construction Report: Mark Peel and Jay Perrin's La Brea Bar Nearing Completion

Campanile chef-owner Mark Peel and GM Jay Perrin have had a cocktail-bar-and-eatery project in the works for 2 years now, and--finally--the project is nearing completion. In about 2 months the pair will open the doors to the former Oasis location, right next door to Cube and conveniently located up La Brea from Campanile. They've ditched the name, Glass and Mirrors, although they're still not sure for what. Peel says that the new place won't have TV's, but good music and casual decor: look for Pullman booths, one large Hollywood booth, and a chandelier in the lounge area. Valet parking. Open "maybe at 5:30," and not for lunch.

"I don't want it as exclusive as The Doheny, or as loud as The Roger Room," said Peel the other day while giving an ad hoc tour. "I'm not 23 any more." The place has a spacious kitchen--he's putting in a pizza oven--and Peel says that, although he hasn't written the menu yet, he's thinking small or sharing plates. "Like a supper club, with a touch of Busby Berkeley."

Your speakeasy here
Your speakeasy here
Photo credit: Amy Scattergood

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