Cinespia Season Begins: 5 Places to Make Dining with the Dead More Livable

Cinespia Diners

Cinespia/Kelly Lee BarrettCinespia Diners

You live in Los Angeles so cinephilia is a given. You probably even work in the industry. But have you ever sat in a cemetery with a glass of hooch and a cheese plate to view the classics? If you can't say yes to this, you haven't really lived. And the people buried ten feet to your left would agree.

Saturday marks the beginning of the 10th Annual Cinespia season at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. The May line-up will kick off with Strangers on a Train (5/12), followed by Silence of the Lambs (5/19) -- we all know what firm-tannin Italian wine is going to be popular that night -- Sabrina (5/26), and Grease (5/27). Do not attempt to bring a high-backed chair, or you will be exiled to the the porta-potty section, waving to your friends and getting texts about how good the neighboring party's pretzel rolls are.

For those who have no intention of spending their Saturday morning premixing cocktails or smoking pork, stop by one of these five cemetery-adjacent establishments to stock up on vittles and vino. Showing up empty-handed is frowned upon by both living and dearly departed Angelenos.

Cinespia Season Begins: 5 Places to Make Dining with the Dead More Livable

5. Bogie's Liquors:

It's in walking distance, and while Bogie's is a liquor store in the classic sense with no boutique or craft-only beer delusions, it will more than suffice if you're eschewing your yuppie comrades for a flask of bourbon and a bag of Doritos. 5753 Melrose Ave.; Los Angeles; 323-469-1414.

Evening Jolt

Flickr/ tvolEvening Jolt

4. Cafe Americano:

To those for whom an evening movie on the weekend has the same invigorating effect as NyQuil, we suggest throwing back an espresso at Cafe Americano. If you're parked near Melrose or Gower you can stop by on your way to the gate. 5770 Melrose Ave.; Los Angeles; 323-464-5727.

Wine Selection

Larchmont WinesWine Selection

3. Larchmont Village Wines:

Screw top wine is a wonderful thing in and of itself, but present it to a panicking group of winos who forgot to bring a corkscrew and you'll become very popular. Using the shoe method on a mausoleum would be inappropriate. 233 N. Larchmont Blvd.; Los Angeles; 323-856-8699.


Cafe GratitudeWrap

2. Cafe Gratitude:

You'll never feel more conspicuous than when saying the words "I'll take two I am Extraordinaries and an I am Accepting, hold the nori." But offering the rest of your raw enchilada to that girl in the Baja hoodie may keep you warm for the night. Don't forget to say "shalom." 639 N. Larchmont Blvd.; Los Angeles; 323-580-6383.

Well Bar

The WellWell Bar

1. The Well:

To those in need of a nightcap to close out the festivities, there's no better nearby option than The Well. Open until 2 a.m., it's perfect for mellowing with a beer or cocktail while you reflect on how popular it has become to immortalize one's photo on a tombstone. 6255 W Sunset Blvd.; Los Angeles; (323) 467-9355.

Movies begin at 8:30 but gates open at 7:00 and seating is first come, first served. It's best to stake out territory and nosh before the light goes. Reservations are not required but tickets are $10-$11 and parking passes are available.

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The Well

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