Original CicLAvia
Original CicLAvia
Gary Leonard

CicLAvia: Bike, Eat, Repeat + En Route Establishments and Food Truck Finishes

The fourth CicLAvia bike event opens the streets of downtown L.A. to non-motorists this Sunday, April 15. Originating in Bogota, Columbia, in 1974, the South American event now reserves a whopping 75 miles of street for cyclists and pedestrians. Here at home, we'll see a 10 mile web with 5 branches (there's no designated 'start' or 'finish' point) conspicuously absent of the usual bumper-to-bumper occupants.

As anyone who has graduated from Huffy's and handlebar streamers knows, eating properly can make or break a bike ride. Over 25 food trucks will be dispersed between each of five hubs throughout the day, in addition to many of your favorite downtown establishments. But beware: Many restaurants and bars that bustle on weeknights close their doors Sunday.

Take a look at some of the following highlights, where we'll be giving our saddles a rest. Arrive early. By 3 p.m. the event will end and the city streets will ebb back to their original purpose. Don't have a proclivity to pedal? Grab a skateboard or rollerblades, or just walk the central vein on Spring Street. Consider a different kind of city, where the only "fuel" you purchase is between buns or nestled in a corn husk.

Nom Nom Food Truck
Nom Nom Food Truck
Gary Soup

Notable Food Trucks:

- Coolhaus (City Hall Hub)

- Crepe'n Around (MacArthur Hub)

- Yalla (Hollenbeck Hub)

- Nom Nom Truck (City Hall Hub)

Spring for Coffee
Spring for Coffee
T. Nguyen


- Cafecito Organico Delicious, sustainable coffee without the pretension. The perfect wake up if you're starting from Hollywood or Echo Park.

- Spring For Coffee A deeply refined cup of coffee, crafted with care, fit for such an occasion.

- Urth Caffe This may be the hippest instantiation of the popular chain. And that jittery feeling? It's the caffeine; or the feeling of inadequacy next to cooler patrons.

Sweet and Savory Pies
Sweet and Savory Pies
The Pie Hole


- Mama's Hot Tamales (opens at 10 a.m.) Try an award-winning guava and cheese tamale by MacArthur Park.

- The Pie Hole (opens at 11 a.m.) The Mexican chocolate pie should not be missed, but will run out by the end of the day.

- Spring Street Smoke House (all day event) Barbecue and beer will accompany live bands with proceeds going to three organizations including Ciclavia.

Little Bear

Drink: (safely)

- Spring Street Bar (opens at 12 p.m.) Thirst-quenching craft beers at the heart of the event, try a Craftsmen 1903 Lager.

- Wurstküche (opens at 11 a.m.) A Maibock and a rattlesnake and rabbit sausage may be the perfect end to the day. On your bike were you predator or prey?

- Little Bear (opens at 11 a.m.) Drink like a monk and enjoy a heady Trappist ale.


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