Cheese Truck and Pasta Cart Unite at Culver City Farmers Market

Located at opposite ends of Main Street in downtown Culver City's farmers market, Jean Avisard sells hand-made pastas and ravioli, while cheese and wine connoisseur Laurent Bonjour whips up sauces to match.

Bonjour regularly scopes out Avisard's seasonal flavors and matches his own spices, cheeses and ingredients to give customers the tools to create a homemade meal. This season Bonjour carries an aromatic creamy sage sauce to pair with Avisard's fresh pumpkin ravioli. Bonjour, who is originally from the French Alps, makes a creamy carbonara that goes well atop linguini, while his walnut pesto, Bolognese sauce and pomodoro pair with practically anything.

Culver City Farmers Market: on Main St., Culver City; Tuesdays, 2 - 7 p.m.

Jean Avisard
Jean Avisard
Celia Soudry


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