Camelicious: Dubai Chocolatier Makes Camels' Milk Chocolates

If those bars of Valrhona Manjari 64% and Noir 85% from Michel Cluizel are seeming passé, you might want to try Al Nassma Chocolate, a Dubai-made confection which is the first brand of chocolate made with camels' milk. Hand-milked camels' milk no less, from the camel farm Camelicious, which is Al Nassma's sole supplier. The company, which is in Umm Nahad, makes chocolate bars flavored with spices, dates, oranges, and macadamia nuts, as well as whole (camels') milk chocolate, 70% cacao bars, and filled pralines. The most popular item is a hollow chocolate camel, wrapped in gold and available in two sizes.

Milking camels for chocolate

REUTERS/Steve CrispMilking camels for chocolate

Al Nassra Chocolates from Dubai

REUTERS/Vivien HendersonAl Nassra Chocolates from Dubai

If you can't make it to Dubai, where the chocolates are for sale in the shop opposite the camel farm, at local hotels and a herbal center across from Wafi Hospital, and at the duty free shop at Dubai's airport (terminal three), don't worry. Al Nassma intends to expand into larger Arab markets, Japan and to the US soon.