Butter Tart Bakery Won't Open: A Second Oinkster In The Works Instead

Butter Tart, the Glassell Park bakery that has been in the works for many months now, will not open. Andre Guerrero (Marché, Oinkster, BoHo) says that the decision came after six months of negotiating with the seller and the landlord of the property, which was a bakery also called Butter Tart before Guerrero became involved. "What started out to be a good business deal turned out to be a very expensive exercise in futility," wrote Guerrero in an email yesterday. "No bacon confit and heirloom grits or third wave coffee for the Glassell Park crowd for now."

Guerrero is now taking his considerable amounts of energy and newly purchased coffee equipment and will focus on opening a second Oinkster, possibly in Culver City or downtown. "I still want to do a coffee and pastry concept if I find another location nearby," said Guerrero. Yes, please. Especially after the recent Olympics, we need to keep our resident Canadians happy, and butter tarts (Canadian in origin) taste a whole lot better than poutine. With all apologies to Calvin Trillin.

sign in newly remodeled Butter Tart
sign in newly remodeled Butter Tart
A. Scattergood


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