Burger King Celebrates St. Patrick's Day With French Fries + Green Dipping Sauce

Burger King french fries
Burger King french fries

This weekend, Burger King will "celebrate the luck of the Irish" by giving away its own version of a pot of gold: value-size french fries. Yes, the chain's connection between St. Patrick's Day and a fast food side item is fairly strained, but since it's gratis, we'll make the allowance. Burger King says it uses trans fat-free vegetable oil to cook the fries, so you can freely eat them without worrying about becoming overly aggressive or irritable before you've even had your first pint of green beer.

To complete the celebration, Heinz will supply a green "St. Paddy's sauce" for dipping. The free fries offer is available both Saturday and Sunday until there are no more french fries left in the pot.


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