A French Wrinkle: Prune Danish

Dear Mr. Gold:
Where can I find a good prune Danish in Los Angeles? I occasionally yearn for them, and my boyfriend is tired of my complaints. I’ve Googled, Chowhounded and yelped, and yet ... nothing.—Not Pruned Since Paris


Dear Not Pruned:
Armagnac-prune ice cream, sure. Foie gras–stuffed prunes, of course. Vieille Prune, an aged prune brandy often more expensive than fine cognac? I just wish that somebody would start importing it to the United States. But Paris has a prune Danish? Who knew? The Parisian one is probably kind of fancy, at least by Jewish-bakery standards.

The prune Danishes I grew up eating, or rather the Danishes I grew up watching Aunt Yetta eat, were from the bakery at Canter’s, although truth be told, I always preferred the ones with poppy seeds. Canter’s is a delicatessen with prune Danish in its veins.

—Jonathan Gold

Dear Mr. Gold:
I thought Canter’s would have them, but I must admit, I’ve been afraid to go back there since that one year I passed by and saw a big fat “D” from the health inspector in their window. I know ... good food ain’t for the faint. If it’s the only gig in town, I may brave it.—Not Pruned Since Paris

Dear Not Pruned:
The health department has never given D’s. A’s, B’s and C’s, yes. D’s, no. Canter’s current score is 96/100, which is definitely an A, even grading on a curve. While you’re there, get yourself a chocolate chip roll. Those are the best. 419 N. Fairfax Ave., L.A., (323) 651-2030.—Jonathan Gold

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