5 Fancy Alternatives To Waxy, Bad Easter Chocolate

Compartes Edible Gourmet Easter Basket, oval
Compartes Edible Gourmet Easter Basket, oval

Even as a child, I knew Easter chocolate sucked. Those foil-wrapped eggs and bunnies were so pretty and compelling, peeking out from their hiding places or on the end of the bed in an Easter basket, but once unwrapped the chocolate was strange, waxy, tasteless. There's not much sadder in the world than crappy chocolate.

These days, Easter chocolate is exponentially better, or at least it has the potential to be. Lindt Easter chocolate has become ubiquitous in supermarkets, and even the regular foil-wrapped eggs don't seem to be as bad as they once were. But still, many of us would rather have one gorgeous piece of chocolate than a whole big basket of the lesser stuff. Thankfully, there is plenty of high end Easter chocolate around to save you from the doldrums of the barely passable eggs and Peeps and bunnies out there. Here are five great alternatives to supermarket chocolate for your Easter needs. 

Vosges flop-eared bunny
Vosges flop-eared bunny

5. Vosges Barcelona Exotic Flop Eared Bunny
Vosges has all manner of exciting Easter chocolate, including "bacon and eggs" bacon-flavored chocolate eggs. But the confection that wins our affection is this flop-eared bunny. It's cute!! But it's also flavored with smoked almonds and grey sea salt. The chocolate is slightly darkened milk chocolate. 2.5 ounces, $12. 311 N. Beverly Drive; Beverly Hills. 310-275-3621.

Chocolate-covered peeps
Chocolate-covered peeps

4. Jacques Torres Chocolate-Covered Peeps
Even the most ardent Peep-hater would have a hard time turning down a Peep covered in Jaques Torres chocolate. The famed NYC chocolatier offers a set of four peeps covered in dark or milk chocolate for $5. If you really hate Peeps, Torres also offers a giant chocolate hen for your Easter centerpiece.

Teuscher Solid Bunny Box
Teuscher Solid Bunny Box

3. Teuscher Bunny Box
Teuscher is known for its champagne-filled truffles, which I'm sure some folks would appreciate even for Easter. But for the younger or less booze-inclined, there are more standard Easter offerings, including this box of dark, milk and white chocolate bunnies and eggs. $31.50. 9548 Brighton Way, Beverly Hills.310-276-2776.

Valerie Confections Golden Eggs
Valerie Confections Golden Eggs

2. Valerie Confections Golden Eggs
Move over, Cadbury egg: Valerie Confections has caramel-filled eggs topped with 23-karat gold leaf. You can get the eggs in packs of 6 ($18) or 12 ($36). Valerie also sells gorgeous chocolate bunnies and Easter-themed chocolate bars, as well as rose petal and pansy petit fours perfect for spring. 3360 W. First Street, Los Angeles. 213-739-8149.

Compartes Edible Gourmet Easter Basket, oval
Compartes Edible Gourmet Easter Basket, oval

1. Compartes Edible Easter Baskets
Compartes is perhaps Los Angeles' most exciting chocolatier, making bars with flavors such as "love potion" (orange peel and pink pepper) and truffles filled with exotic combinations like peanut butter, honey and salt. Compartes has a number of chocolate bunnies and the like for Easter, but to make a grand impression, you can buy an edible chocolate basket for $49.95, which comes filled with truffles, chocolate-dipped fruit, and chocolate-covered Oreos. 912 S. Barrington Avenue, Brentwood. 310-826-3380.

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