2012 Best Picture Nominees: Performed by L.A. Bars and Restaurants

The Artist
The Artist
La Petite Reine

Playing host and home to the Academy Awards, this town vibrates with excitement (Editor's note: Or something, depending on your thoughts re 9/11 and Hawaiian shirts, Harvey Weinstein and whether or not you, too, wanted a refund after seeing The Artist, as did some folks in Liverpool) by the end of February. We all fancy an escape into the pictures. Maybe you're Peppy, enjoying a glamorous rise to fame, or Minny, sticking it to your employers, or you're whiling the night away with Zelda Fitzgerald and Gertrude Stein.

The closest you may get to your favorite characters is through their stomachs. Check out these restaurants, bars, and clubs to get a flavor of this year's Best Picture nominations. (In alphabetical order, if you're wondering.) Some were directly inspired by food in the film, others capture the ambiance of the set. Take a bite. Drink up. Get lost. And don't forget to thank the Academy.

The Edison Bar
The Edison Bar
Guzzle & Nosh

9. The Artist:

Drink at: The Edison

The Inspiration: The place you'd most likely see George Valentin seeking out a gin cocktail. A theatrical soul will feel at home amongst well-appointed props and exposed bulbs. 108 W. Second St., downtown; (213) 613-0000.

Lahaina Dining Room
Lahaina Dining Room
Back Home in Lahaina

8. The Descendents:

Eat at: Back Home in Lahaina

The Inspiration: Hawaiian Music and Laulau barbecue pork inch you closer to the Pacific paradise. Now if only it could inch you closer to George Clooney. Right. 916 N. Sepulveda Blvd., Manhattan Beach; (310) 374-0111.

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close
Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close
Warner Bros.

7. Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close:

Eat at: Tomato Pie Pizza Joint

The Inspiration: Thin-crust, East Coast pies so good they will send you searching for clues to why you took so long to find them. 2457 Hyperion Ave., Los Angeles; (323) 661-6474.

The Help
The Help

6. The Help:

Eat at: Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles

The Inspiration: Sweet, savory and soulful. You know Roscoe's is doing one thing right -- it's fried chicken, perfect every time. 1514 N. Gower St., Hollywood; (323) 466-7453.


Proof Bakery
Proof Bakery
J. Ritz

5. Hugo:

Eat at: Proof Bakery

The Inspiration: It may not be in a train station, but the croissants at Proof are so good you'd steal them too, if pressed. 3156 Glendale Blvd., Los Angeles; (323) 664-8633.

Varnish Bar
Varnish Bar
The Varnish

4. Midnight in Paris:

Drink at: The Varnish

The Inspiration: If you want to experience a different era in downtown Los Angeles, the best place to do it is at the Varnish. Cross the threshold and spend the night lost in time. Or, after a few too many, maybe just lost. 118 E. Sixth St., downtown; (213) 622-9999.

Vicious Dogs
Vicious Dogs
LA Weekly

3. Moneyball:

Eat at: Vicious Dogs

The Inspiration: What would America's favorite pastime be without a decent dog? How can you not get romantic about baseball? How can you not get romantic about hot dogs? (Yeah, yeah. Brad Pitt, too. Or Philip Seymour Hoffman, really.) 5231 Lankershim Blvd., North Hollywood; (818) 985-3647.

Tree of Life
Tree of Life
Plan B Entertainment

2. Tree of Life:

Eat at: Carolyn's Kitchen

The Inspiration: Love everyone. Every leaf. Every ray of light. Every meatloaf and mashed potato. 853 E. Manchester Ave., Los Angeles; (323) 585-1660.


Waterloo Bar
Waterloo Bar
Waterloo & City

1. War Horse:

Drink at: Waterloo and City

The Inspiration: We weren't going to dish out trench rations or send you to the nearest trough. Instead, knock back a pint of Samuel Smith and be grateful for times of plenty, i.e., anything Brendan Collins feels like putting on the menu.12517 Washington Blvd., Culver City; (310) 391-4222.

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