10 Best Po' Boys in Los Angeles

Deluxe Half and Half Po' BoyEXPAND
Deluxe Half and Half Po' Boy
The Little Jewel of New Orleans

Mardi Gras is a time reserved for unbridled celebration. Debaucherous parades, dancing in the street, drinking heavily before noon; New Orleans is the undisputed epicenter of all that jazz (oh yeah, and jazz). Yet you needn’t head to the French Quarter to enjoy one of the best parts of Fat Tuesday: creole cuisine.

The po’ boy, the staple sandwich of this culinary tradition, can be found at any number of Southern-inspired spots around L.A. Not much more than a sub built around roast beef or fried seafood, a po' boy can be easy to make, but next to impossible to master. Put the good times on a roll — or a hoagie — anytime of the year with this list of the city’s 10 best po’ boys.

Shrimp Po' Boy
Shrimp Po' Boy
Orleans and York Deli

10. Orleans and York Deli
Orleans and York is bold enough to offer "deli-cacies" from the Bayou and the Big Apple, side by side. But don’t bother mulling over the extensive menu; their shrimp po’ boy is where it’s at. Piled high with plump seafood on a lightly toasted French baguette, the large serving legitimizes its $12 price tag. The shrimp is fresh and juicy, with a light flakiness to the breading. It isn’t over-battered, so you’re actually able to enjoy what it brings to equation. If that taste is too delicate for your palate, consider spiking it with some hot link sausages — another speciality here. 4454 W Slauson Ave, Windsor Hills; (323) 291-8800

Catfish Po' Boy
Catfish Po' Boy

9. Hambone’s BBQ and Po’ Boy Sandwiches
The fried catfish is king at Hambone’s, Bellflower’s go-to barbecue joint. Crusted in a crunchy layer of cornmeal, it offers a textural dynamic that is difficult to resist: gritty crispness on the exterior and wispy flesh within. For $13 you get you enough of the seafood to handily fill out an eight-inch sub. Although the bread isn’t the authentic New Orleans-style baguette, the spicy remoulade is up to creole standards, and far superior to plain mayo. 9342 Alondra Blvd, Bellflower; (562) 920-1090

Rex's Special
Rex's Special
Sarah Bennett

8. Sal’s Gumbo Shack
Sal’s in North Long Beach doesn't skimp on portions, so come hungry — and allow time for a nap afterwards. I counted 15 crispy crustaceans on their ‘Remy Style’ shrimp po’ boy, served with parsley-dusted fries for $12.99. A thick homemade sauce drizzled on top plays more like a Russian dressing than a remoulade, but it delivers a suitable tang without drowning out the flavors of the sea. Get the Rex's Special, a combo shrimp and catfish po' boy named after now-councilmember Rex Richardson. 6148 Long Beach Blvd, Long Beach; (562) 422-8100

Shrimp Po' BoyEXPAND
Shrimp Po' Boy
Fishing with Dynamite

7. Fishing with Dynamite
What it lacks in stature, chef David LeFavre’s shrimp po’ boy certainly compensates for in flavor. Cajun-minded, with a spicier take on remoulade oozing over the sides of a sizzling mound of blackened seafood, it packs an unctuous punch. Maryland soft-shell crab serves as a must-have seasonal substitute come early summer. Good things come in small packages. 1148 Manhattan Ave, Manhattan Beach; (310) 893-6299

Po' Boys and CharcuterieEXPAND
Po' Boys and Charcuterie
Preux & Proper

6. Preux & Proper
Specializing in modern shakeups of traditional creole classics, Preux & Proper is new to the downtown dining scene. The menu is awash in Southern specialties, which makes the fried oyster po' boy easy to overlook. Served on four separate skewers, the bite-size sandwiches are coated in a cornmeal crust and brightened by fresh arugula and sliced cherry tomatoes. The additions bring a touch of California into the fray, without trying to reinvent the wheel. 840 S. Spring St. Los Angeles; (213) 896-0090

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