10 Best Local Coffee Roasters in L.A.

10 Best Local Coffee Roasters in L.A.
Rose Park Roasters

Over the past few years, roasters from across the globe have brought their beans to the City of Angels as part of the continuing coffee boom.  That includes nationally known names looking to expand — Intelligentsia, Blue Bottle, Stumptown, Verve and Counter Culture, for instance — as well as coffee shops like G&B, Blacktop and Dinosaur Coffee, which source their coffee beans from highly regarded roasters from across the country.

That's all good news, but what if you want to support local roasters?

In that case, we've compiled a list of some of our favorite beans roasted fresh in Southern California. Downtown might have lost Handsome Coffee to Blue Bottle back in 2014, but we still have a rich scene of ambitious and often unorthodox roasters creating fantastic coffee. Some of the places below sell their products at cafe locations, while others distribute only through other retailers or online. Either way, if you're looking to pick up a bag of coffee to stash at home, consider giving some of these local upstarts a whirl in your grinder.

10 Best Local Coffee Roasters in L.A.

10. LAMill Coffee
One of the pioneers of craft coffee roasting in Los Angeles, LAMill has held it down as a reliable source for single-origin beans and killer espresso roasts. It might be best known for its stylish Silver Lake café, but you can also find LAMill beans at more than 300 locations (including LAX) all over the country.

10 Best Local Coffee Roasters in L.A.

9. Rose Park Coffee Roasters
Andrew Phillips, a former roaster at Tustin's acclaimed Kean Coffee, teamed up with friend Nathan Tourtellotte to launch this specialty coffee roasting outfit in 2009, which later led to the opening of a brick-and-mortar shop in downtown Long Beach in late 2014.  Rose Park offers a handful of stellar, light-roast, single-origin beans, as well as a few house blends. As a bonus, they'll even deliver your beans via bike if you live in the LBC.

10 Best Local Coffee Roasters in L.A.
Demitasse Roastery

8. Café Demitasse 
With four locations across the city, including the flagship Little Tokyo shop and a new roastery and restaurant in Hollywood, Demitasse has long been a favorite among coffee geeks looking to pick up some Kyoto-style iced coffee or a well-crafted latte. But owner Bobby Roshan and his team put a lot of work into their proprietary, single-origin beans, too, which are roasted daily on their Hollywood location's shiny new Probat roaster. 

10 Best Local Coffee Roasters in L.A.
Portola Coffee Lab

7. Portola Coffee Lab
Located down in Costa Mesa's OC Mart Mix, Portola has been serving what it unabashedly calls "the best fresh-roasted coffee in the world" since 2011. Owner Jeff Duggan and his wife are ardent coffee obsessives, outfitting the staff at their shop with white coats to emphasize their exacting approach. Portola uses a low-emission, eco-friendly Revelation roaster, but all you really need to know is that the stuff coming out of it is spectacular, and might include anything from rich Latin American blends to rare honey Geisha beans.

Suits & Knives Coffee
Suits & Knives Coffee
Yelp/Bruce H.

6. Suits & Knives
At Coffee CoLab, a small, quirky coffee shop on the edge of downtown's Fashion District, barista-turned-roaster William Miyazaki sells beans under his own micro-roaster label, Suits & Knives. Miyazaki roasts his beans in a slower-cooking Japanese style, which results in coffee that's a bit darker than the light roasts favored by many third-wave roasters but still exceptionally balanced and flavorful. You can occasionally find Miyazaki's beans at coffee shops like Chimney Coffee in Chinatown, but the best call might be to visit Coffee CoLab or shop online.

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