Friday, November 8, 2013

Paul Feig, director of movies like The Heat (now out on DVD) and Bridesmaids
  • Paul Feig, director of movies like The Heat (now out on DVD) and Bridesmaids

Comedy director Paul Feig still remembers his first suit, a three-piece tan and gray plaid Pierre Cardin with a trés '70s wide lapel. "I looked like a million bucks in that suit," Feig beams, even if it was a bit much for a 9-year-old in Michigan. "I would just wear it into stores with my mom and people would laugh and I'd be like, 'Fuck you guys.'"

Feig's father owned a military surplus shop, which is why when he created the TV show Freaks & Geeks, he stuck star Linda Cardellini in an Army jacket. But though he grew up surrounded by camo, he refused to wear it. Instead, he laid back and dreamed of England, a place where men like John Cleese goofed around in tweed. "There's just nothing funnier than a crazy person in a conservative suit," Feig insists. "That's why so many comedians and talk show hosts wear suits and ties: you're dressed like an authority figure, yet you're doing anarchistic things."

When he met his wife, his former manager Laurie Karon, they bonded over Britain -- she loved tea and crumpets, he loved Monty Python and menswear. But he didn't fully embrace his inner fashionista until his thirties when he decided he was tired of being the schlubby writer in the studio boardroom. Now, he's the best dressed man everywhere he goes: on set directing Arrested Development, Bridesmaids and The Heat (now out on DVD), taking meetings as an executive producer on The Office, or just grabbing a cup of coffee.

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Friday, October 11, 2013

Escape From Tomorrow
  • Escape From Tomorrow

What's illegal at Disneyland? Dogs, drugs, alcohol, pamphlets, flags and large coolers. Not listed? Secretly shooting a feature-length movie.

But Disneyland couldn't have imagined director Randy Moore would have the courage to film Escape From Tomorrow on location -- and that it would be so horny. In the black-and-white theme park noir, a father of two (Roy Abramsohn) lusts after two underage French teenagers, cheats on his wife (Elena Schuber) and discovers that the Disney princesses are high-priced prostitutes. And that's before he suffers a psychotic breakdown triggered when Walt's animatronics start shooting him dirty looks.

To shoot Escape From Tomorrow, which opens this Friday, Moore bought his cast and crew season passes to Disneyland and Disney World and even charted the sun in advance to figure out how to get away without lighting equipment. The actors stored their scripts on their iPhones, the cameramen dressed like tourists, and Moore prayed that security wouldn't notice that the same group of people in the same clothes had ridden It's a Small World 12 times. Not only did Moore get away with it, he got the movie into Sundance. (And so far, he hasn't even gotten sued -- it appears the Mouse has decided against giving him the free publicity.)

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Friday, February 24, 2012

  • Rebecca Haithcoat
  • Sheri Sanders

Inside the Lyric Theatre on La Brea, the compact Sheri Sanders is curled in a chair, squinting her eyes and smiling almost apologetically at the nervous girl in Uggs onstage who keeps forgetting her lyrics. "I hate to be a cunt," Sanders murmurs. "I hate to be a bitch. But this is unacceptable." She purrs the words so sweetly their meaning almost doesn't register.

Welcome to Rock the Audition, the master class Sanders tours the country teaching. An actor who has been on Broadway and national tours with Fame and Urinetown, she wrote her first book, Rock the Audition: How to Prepare for and Get Cast in Rock Musicals, based on a class she developed at New York's Pace University in the mid-'00s. Rock musicals were beginning to dominate Broadway, and training hadn't caught up. She had found her niche.

Earlier this week, we sat in on the third class of her four-week session. Here, 10 things we learned about auditioning for a rock musical:

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Ashley Conyers is a cosplayer who has undertaken the seemingly daunting task of transforming herself into rock star and fashion icon Mana for Seattle's anime convention Sakura-Con. Not only has she tackled the artist who popularized gothic Lolita, but she chose one of Mana's more elaborate costumes-- the breathtaking white and electric blue ensemble worn in Malice Mizer's promotional video for "Le Ciel."

Malice Mizer cosplay at Sakura-Con - PHOTO COURTESY OF ASHLEY CONYERS

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