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Burn! 10 Questions With Jeff Ross About His New Comedy Central Show

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Fri, Aug 24, 2012 at 11:37 AM

Comic Jeff Ross' balls are as big as his mouth, which has been on fire every week on his new Comedy Central show, The Burn With Jeff Ross (airing Tuesdays nights), where he rips "the world a new asshole, one crack at a time." You probably know Ross as the Roastmaster General, the network's go-to guy for its annual celeb roasts, at which he's shown up dressed at Gaddafi and Joe Paterno.

For his latest gig, Ross and three fellow comics -- guests have included Gilbert Gottfried, Marc Maron and Ralphie May -- skewer the week's roast-iest topics, from reality shows to celeb birthdays and deaths. "The only thing bigger with HIV is Nigeria," he said of Magic Johnson's 52nd birthday. Virtually nothing is off-limits: You don't even wanna know what he says about Tony Scott's recent suicide in an upcoming show. Ross even travels around town on a Segway roasting the usual L.A. vermin: meter maids, club bouncers, the paparazzi: "You guys put the die in Princess Di."

click to enlarge Jeff Ross on set - SIRAN BABAYAN
  • Siran Babayan
  • Jeff Ross on set

After a taping of the show's third episode, which included Mary Lynn Rajskub, Bobby Lee and Jim Norton, we caught up with Ross and asked him about the art of the burn, and how it all comes from love.

How does The Burn differ from other satirical, pop culture news shows like The Daily Show, The Soup and Chelsea Lately?

What separates the show is that it's on once a week. It's not a nightly treadmill. It's a pointed mission, like a missile, as opposed to a rat-tat-tat. So we're saving ourselves for this one explosion. If I had to do it every day, it would be a different muscle. Roasting is my thing and it's best served once in a while. People are happier to see me when I'm not around a long time [laughs].

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