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Deniz Kurtel Brings Art Basel LED Sculpture to Los Globos: Like Walking Into a Kaleidoscope

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Mon, Apr 30, 2012 at 10:04 AM

click to enlarge DENIZ KURTEL
  • Deniz Kurtel
Deniz Kurtel makes dance music. She also creates LED sculptures. Saturday night at Los Globos, Kurtel brought together both of her artistic pursuits for her "Double Exposure" tour. Inside the venue, she played tracks from her latest release, The Way We Live. Right outside the club's patio, partygoers could check out her new installation inside a small trailer.

Called The Introspectacular, the LED piece is constructed from wood and plexiglass, both the clear and mirrored variety. The LEDs are controlled by a small keyboard, with each note triggering new colors and patterns of light. The faster you play, the faster the lights twinkle, reflecting off the mirrors to create the illusion of an endless maze-like room. Many people have told Kurtel that the experience is like stumbling inside a kaleidoscope.

click to enlarge Artist Deniz Kurtel inside The Introspectacular - DENIZ KURTEL
  • Deniz Kurtel
  • Artist Deniz Kurtel inside The Introspectacular
"I just like to get people involved in creating this atmosphere for other people," Kurtel says. She adds that people often shy away from the keyboard, saying they don't know how to play the instrument. Musical skill, though, isn't required to operate the LEDs. "Whatever you do creates this cool effect," she stresses. "It encourages people to get into it and be creative."

It took Kurtel just two weeks to build the structure, but she still tinkers with programming the LEDs. The Introspectacular was created for Art Basel in Miami, where it debuted at her friend's nightclub, Electric Pickle. She hadn't planned to take the structure on the road until she finished her latest album. For the past few weeks, Kurtel has traveled across the United States with The Introspectacular. Los Angeles was the second-to-last stop on the tour.

This isn't the first time Kurtel has taken her LEDs on the road. Two years ago, she created an installation that she had integrated into her live performances. There were problems, though. Sometimes the DJ booths weren't large enough to accommodate the piece. Other times, the club lighting conflicted with the LEDs. Since The Introspectacular is inside a trailer situated outside the venue, Kurtel doesn't have to worry as much about the venues' limitations.

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