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Top 10 Strip Clubs in Los Angeles

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Thu, Mar 29, 2012 at 11:42 AM

click to enlarge MARK "COBRASNAKE" HUNTER
  • Mark "Cobrasnake" Hunter

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So you're curious to go to a strip club, but unless your buddy is a regular and brings you along, how are you going to pick which one? Yelp? Give me a break.

Thankfully for you, our L.A. Weekly experts have compiled the top 10 strip clubs in L.A. But don't get too excited -- save it for the girls.

click to enlarge NANETTE GONZALES
  • Nanette Gonzales
10. Rouge

Rouge is the kind of behemoth strip club that makes you lose all sense of time and place, with five private dance areas and enough seating on the main floor for all of the bachelor parties, ever. The plush red velvet furniture in this Van Nuys strip emporium likely will remind you of opulence, which in turn will remind you of how much money you're shelling out to bear witness to these goddesses of nighttime nudity, which you should try to quickly forget. --Jessica P. Ogilvie

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