10 Awesome Artworks Inspired by Retro Cartoons, at 'Gag Me With a Toon 4'

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Mon, Mar 26, 2012 at 11:30 AM

click to enlarge Heckle and Jeckle mural by Steven Daily - LIZ OHANESIAN
  • Liz Ohanesian
  • Heckle and Jeckle mural by Steven Daily
For the past few years, L.A. artist Steven Daily has brought together a wide variety of artists to explore the animated influences in the group show "Gag Me With a Toon." Where previous installments of the event focused specifically on the cartoons of the 1980s, this year's show broadened the scope. The decision makes sense. After all, how many Angelenos spent our '80s youth watching classic Popeye shorts on KTLA? Certainly, cartoons can have a very long shelf life.

"Gag Me With a Toon 4" opened at Culver City's WWA Gallery on St. Patrick's Day and runs through April 21. I stopped by last weekend to check out the show. Below are 10 impressive pieces inspired by retro cartoons.

click to enlarge LIZ OHANESIAN
  • Liz Ohanesian
10. The Passion of Evil-Lyn by Jasmine Worth

It couldn't be easy being the only lady in Skeletor's crew. It's probably harder, though, to deal with Skeletor's delusions of grandeur on a daily basis, especially when you have your own ambitions. Using religious symbolism, Jasmine Worth captures the essence of the complicated, perhaps even misunderstood, Evil-Lyn.

click to enlarge LIZ OHANESIAN
  • Liz Ohanesian
9. Sailorman by Jon Chase

When you grow up watching a lot of Popeye cartoons, it's easy to wonder what the sailor might look like in real life. Jon Chase's airburshed piece accomplishes that. Check out the size of Popeye's forearm and the way his face wrinkles as his mouth contorts and he squints an eye.

click to enlarge LIZ OHANESIAN
  • Liz Ohanesian
8. Gossamer by Gunnar

There wasn't much of a Looney Tunes presence inside Gag Me With a Toon, but Gunnar's rendition Gossamer made up for that. Gossamer isn't one of the best known characters in the Looney Tunes canon, but the cuddly-looking monster is certainly familiar to those of us who grew up watching the classic cartoons. Gunnar plays upon the cuteness of the Chuck Jones-created character, with big, smiling eyes and casually unlaced sneakers.

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