The Oscars (Who Live in Your Neighborhood)

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Sat, Feb 25, 2012 at 10:00 AM

As a native East Coaster, it's easy to claim that you miss the seasons as you enjoy your forever tan and non-water-damaged Uggs here in Los Angeles. While it may not snow, it barely rains, flowers bloom all year, and people wear parkas when encountering weather around 50 degrees, L.A. has plenty of seasons -- pilot season, bikini season and of course the season shining upon Hollywood as we speak: Oscar season.

To celebrate, we'd like to profile a few of our favorite L.A. Oscars.

click to enlarge Oscar Gutierrez
  • Oscar Gutierrez

Oscar Gutierrez

[Note: Gutierrez is running for California State Assembly in 2012 in the 51st District.]

What's your deal?

I enjoy cooking for my wife and daughter. I love movies and I am a news junkie as well as an L.A. Dodger Fan. I try to live stress-free and I focus on my family.

What's your daily commute?

I work mostly from home. After working in radio in L.A. for close to 20 years it's nice to telecommute and sell life Insurance from my office at home.

Best-kept secret in L.A.?

Philippe's sandwich shop on the first Friday of every month at around 8 p.m. I can say no more. It's a secret.

What does your March schedule look like?

I have plans to meet up with voters at a local town hall meeting. I'll have more details about it on my Facebook page later on.

Oscar speech?

"I'd like to thank the Academy and President Obama for this opportunity to show everyone that California is still the Golden State and that dreams do come true. Thank you!"



click to enlarge Oscar Mendoza
  • Oscar Mendoza

Oscar Mendoza

Why L.A.?

Born and raised [here], moved to San Francisco for college and now back to raise hell! Or just nerd it up, whichever comes first.

What's your deal?

I work at a Hispanic ad agency on the Westside but live on the Eastside and spend most of my time eating too many tacos and cooking too much food. Artist on the side and just enjoy days in the park and the bountiful sunshine.

What's the daily commute?

Down through Hollywood to Olympic and take that through to Sepulveda. I hate the traffic, but getting to see the majority of L.A. through this route is really nice.

Where is your spot in L.A.?

I'm usually found at [the bar] Footsies or at [taco joint] El Atacor #11.

Who is your biggest fan?

My roommate's cat. Or my mom. Or my girlfriend.

Oscar speech?

I'd like to thank the Academy and Kobe Bryant, not because he helped me win this award in any way just because I think it's really brave of him to do what he did and be who is and oh my God, I'm tearing up right now, what?

click to enlarge Oscar Gubelman
  • Oscar Gubelman

Oscar Gubelman

Why L.A.?

I came down from Seattle 'cause the work is down here ... and the sun is a pretty good change.

What's your deal?

I live in Hollywood and I, like many others, am here for the acting. I am an actor. I also do massages.

Care to share an L.A. secret?

Don't drive from 3 p.m.-7 p.m. and take Fountain.

What's the biggest lie you've heard about L.A.?

That people are fake. Screw that. I have met some of the most open, positive, amazing people in this city. So many outside of this city hate on the idea of it without being part of it.

Where is your spot in L.A.?

One of my favorite spots is Piano Bar in Hollywood, but also Next Door Lounge is fantastic. And when it comes to food, take a look at Hoagie Steak Out. Braveheart sandwich yeah!

Who is your biggest fan?

Hard to say. I have so many friends and family who are rooting for me. Love and thank 'em all.

Oscar speech?

Follow your dreams. Hold doors open for girls. Call your mom. Painting is fun. To all those on the L.A. streets: Learn how to drive. Spread love and make people laugh always.

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