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10 Bizarre Portraits of Ellen DeGeneres

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Mon, Jan 30, 2012 at 12:30 PM

click to enlarge This is what a wall of Ellen portraits looks like
  • This is what a wall of Ellen portraits looks like

Pop art will never die, so long as bizarre celebrity obsessions keep it fresh, fun and, y'know, weird. So what's with Ellen? How many renditions of her mug do you think you can handle in one gallery opening?

This weekend at the Terrell Moore Gallery, artist Renda Writer assembled his second annual birthday tribute to Ellen DeGeneres, with exactly 67 portraits of Ms. DeGeneres (that's, um, her age...plus 13 extra for shits and giggles). Fortunately, Mr. Writer's idée fixe on the syndicated talk show host comes with some solid altruism: A portion of all the proceeds from the evening's take and the paintings' sales went to the Trevor Project, an L.A.-based crisis-intervention organization for LGBT youth.

On to the paintings:

click to enlarge Ellen02_caric.jpg
10. Caricature.

Just like you'd get on the Venice Boardwalk ... but better ... and with a bigger nose. By Lori Pratico.

click to enlarge Ellen10_green.jpg
9. Zombie Ellen? Or Just a Negative?

Ellen as laughing Medusa? Or is she a cackling zombie? Hey guys, I set my hair on fire! We like this one because there's just so much going on here ... artistically. By Marvel

click to enlarge Ellen06_board.jpg
8. Thrashin' Ellen

Just try explaining this one to your skater brahs -- they'll totally understand. Ellen dances and she's got, uh, skater shoes on sometimes ... with a pantsuit? Radical. By Muzzy Jones

click to enlarge Ellen07_bag.jpg
7. Ellen's Got a Gun.

... on a tote. This will be perfect for showing off your Ellen obsession when you run into her and Portia at the Hollywood Farmers Market. By Shon Browning

click to enlarge Ellen09_eyes.jpg
6. Abstract Ellen

It's like, all album cover-y and stuff. These eyes ... these eyes have seen a lot of Ellen and they're never gonna see another Ellen ... ugh. You get the idea. By Octavio Guzman

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