Beavis & Butthead in Real Life, the Viral Hit Sculpture, is Among New Work at 'Conjoined II' Art Show

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Mon, Jan 23, 2012 at 10:14 AM

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click to enlarge Cephalotus Geminus by Zoetica Ebb - LIZ OHANESIAN
  • Liz Ohanesian
  • Cephalotus Geminus by Zoetica Ebb
In fact, not all of the contributions to "Conjoined II" were sculptures. Zar himself had a few paintings in the show, as did L.A.-based artist Zoetica Ebb.

Ebb contributed two oil on wood pieces, Cephalotus Geminus and Cypripedium Lingua. They are are part of a series she is creating based on the eighth chapter of the novel À Rebours (known in English as Against Nature).

"The chapter describes flowers that exist in nature that look extremely artificial," says Ebb. "I was really inspired by this chapter and decided to take it a step further and make them look alien, but at the same time add some human anatomy."

click to enlarge Cypripedium Lingua by Zoetica Ebb - LIZ OHANESIAN
  • Liz Ohanesian
  • Cypripedium Lingua by Zoetica Ebb
Ebb says that she did keep the 3D nature of the show in mind as she painted, which presented its own challenges.

"There's no background, so you have to imagine that this piece is floating in a space made of wood," she explains.

With a mix of whimsical and disturbing elements, one thing was obvious throughout the night: unlike many sequels, "Conjoined II" did not disappoint.

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